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  • Boldmethod's first monthly apparel release begins this Saturday, October 25th, at 6:00 AM Eastern, and you're in charge.
  • Control yokes are extremely common in both big and small aircraft, but side-sticks and starting to show up in flight decks everywhere you look. The most recent example is the new Gulfstream G500 and G600 aircraft, with one of the most advanced flight decks in the world. Either way, people seem to have very strong preference toward one or the other.
  • It seems like almost every airline is getting a new paint scheme right now, but here's one that really stands out from the crowd. Spirit Airlines revealed their new livery last week, and it's anything but dull. One thing's for certain: these aircraft won't blend into the sky. What do you think?
  • Push-button avionics have been around for years, but touchscreen systems are becoming more and more common in cockpits. Push-button fans usually say they'd rather have tactile feedback, and not have fingerprints all over their screens. Touchscreen fans, on the other hand, like having more screen available, and clicking anywhere a button is displayed on their screen.
  • Air Tahiti Nui, Tahiti's international airline, was formed 15 years ago to promote tourism to the remote South Pacific island. They exclusively fly Airbus A340s, and from what it looks like, their pilots get to enjoy some pretty incredible views. Where do we sign up for this job?
  • This isn't your typical Airbus. The A300-600 Super Transporter, nicknamed the 'Beluga', is a modified A300-600. What's it used for? Airbus uses its fleet of 5 Super Transporters to move aircraft parts across its network of European production facilities. In other words, it's a plane that hauls other planes.
  • Who has the most runways in the United States? We did the research, and here's what we found...
  • You've made this an amazing nine months. Since we launched on December 25th of this year, you've helped us grow to over 500,000 unique visitors every month! When we launched, we dreamed of hitting 100,000 - so needless to say, we're amazed. And stunned.
  • Here's a 52 second sneak peek into airline flying. Enjoy.
  • Digital E6-B flight computers are everywhere these days. From iPhone apps to digital stand-alone computers, you can find them in every shape and size possible. And since they're separate from an aircraft's power source, there's a very small chance that you would experience an aircraft failure and digital E6-B failure at the same time.
  • Cessna made up some amazing - or awful - marketing terms in the 50's and 60's. Those decades saw the explosion of general aviation, where flying was considered as easy as driving a car. We've since realized that planes should be flown, not driven; but many of the era's products still adorn our aircraft. How many of these do you recognize?
  • Imagine you have one year of free gas, free training, and an automatic paycheck. For that year, you only have three rules - you have to pick one plane from the list below, you have to fly at least four days a week, and you can only fly that one plane. No changing. What would you pick?
  • 20 unique and famous airplanes - would you fly them, or take a pass? Vote!
  • The FAA recently ruled that online ride-sharing programs offered by services like Flytenow and AirPooler are not legal.