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7 Rules-Of-Thumb For Takeoff Performance

When it comes to takeoff performace, your POH is always the place to make your final decisions. But if you're looking to make some quick estimates, here are 7 rules-of-thumb that will help...


1) A 10% increase in weight results in a 20% increase in takeoff distance.


2) A 10% increase in weight results in only a 5% increase in takeoff speed.


3) A headwind that's approximately 10% of your takeoff speed will reduce your takeoff roll by 20%.


4) In most GA aircraft, for every 2 knots of tailwind, your takeoff distance increases 10%.


5) On a sloped runway, if the tailwind is more than 10% of your takeoff speed you should consider taking off uphill with a headwind. (Assuming no more than 2% runway gradient)


6) Increase your takeoff distance 10% for each additional 1,000 feet of density altitude.


7) Increase your takeoff distance 12% for every 15 degrees warmer than standard.


What rules of thumb do you use for quick performance calculations? Tell us in the comments below!

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