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Mountain Weather by Boldmethod


Do you want to feel more comfortable flying around the high country? Boldmethod's Mountain Weather course helps make that happen.

You'll learn how to evaluate mountain weather during your planning and while you're in flight. You'll also learn how terrain generates updrafts, downdrafts, turbulence, and storms, and changes the direction of the wind throughout the day.

How do terrain and wind generate turbulence and mountain waves, and how can you avoid them? With our course, you'll be able to choose routes and altitudes that keep you in the best conditions. And, you'll learn how to use visual cues from clouds and wind to adjust your plan.

These techniques cover weather conditions that you'll find in every season, and in any mountain range or hilly terrain.

What Are Pilots Saying About Mountain Weather by Boldmethod?

App Store Review:
These guys have been making professional level content for years now. Extremely knowledgeable and clear instruction about sometimes confounding aviation concepts. Most of their content has been free on YouTube and helped countless pilots pass their airline interviews, myself included. Recently purchased their mountain flying course and I'm blown away how well they understand and present potentially life saving knowledge about how to predict avoid and even fly through a mountain wave if you get caught. If you think about how much this level of instruction would cost one on one, let alone if you could find someone at this level to give you the time, it's a no brainer. If you like to fly and you don't like dying, check out their free stuff and when you're convinced, invest in yourself.

App Store Review:
I've been a Boldmethod customer for many years, and the content keeps getting better. It always feels professional and polished, authoritative and well-researched, and - really importantly - adherent to sound practices for adult education. This is a small company with real people who are active in the aviation community and are truly working each day to make us better and safer with really top-notch content.


A Trusted Source For Training

Over the past four years, more than 5,974,000 people have read our articles. And, we've had the opportunity to answer many of their questions. As flight instructors for over eighteen years, we've learned that knowledge - understanding what's happening and why - makes every flight more successful, and a lot more fun.

You'll learn about mountain weather with over 14 hours and 45 minutes of video, followed up by review summaries and interactive quizzes. The quizzes immediately reinforce what you've learned, helping you remember the strategies and tactics so that you can use them on your next flight. End-of-chapter tests help you measure your performance, so you know that you've mastered the subjects.


What You Get In This Course:


The course includes over 14 hours and 45 minutes of video, with interactive quizzes and tests. You'll learn how to plan flights around:

  • 1) Mountain Waves: including vertical and horizontal trapped lee waves
  • 2) Strong Surface Winds: including Chinook and Foehn winds
  • 3) Updrafts, Downdrafts, And Turbulence: including turbulent lee eddies, vortices, and wakes
  • 4) Convergence Zones: which form downwind of mountains and can create clouds and precipitation
  • 5) Coastal Mountain Wind Systems: including summer and winter weather patterns
  • 6) The North American Monsoon: including seasonal changes and storm forecasts
  • 7) Daily (Diurnal) Winds In Valleys: including the four different wind systems, and how strong winds can break into the valley
  • 8) Mountain Thunderstorms: including how to recognize thunderstorm hotspots and identify areas storms may form

You'll learn how these conditions form, where to find them in your aviation reports and forecasts, how to identify them in flight, and their effects on aircraft.


Case Studies

Case studies with actual weather reports, forecasts, and footage translate these principles into practical aviation decision-making. Case studies include:

  • Flying In Mountain Waves: near the Wind River Range (Wyoming) and Sangre De Christos (Colorado)
  • Trapped Lee Waves and Vertical Propagating Waves in Denver: with reports, forecasts, pilot reports
  • Downslope Chinook Winds and a Hydraulic Jump Near Boulder, Colorado: including Chinook and Foehn winds
  • The Puget Sound Convergence Zone over Seattle, Washington: including turbulent lee eddies, vortices, and wakes
  • The Columbia River Gorge Winds East Of Portland, Oregon: which form downwind of mountains and can create clouds and precipitation
  • Thunderstorms Driven By The North American Monsoon in Phoenix and greater Arizona: including summer and winter weather patterns
  • The North American Monsoon: including seasonal changes and storm forecasts
  • Daily Wind Cycles In Three Valleys: including Telluride (Rocky Mountains), Elizabethton (Smokies), and Grand Junction (Grand Valley)
  • Turbulence On Arrival And Departure: in Jackson, Wyoming; Telluride, Colorado; and the Denver Front Range
  • Cross Country Around Mountain Thunderstorms:= from Rocky Mountain Metro (KBJC) to Richfield, UT (KRIF) and back


If you feel a little short on weather basics, we have a chapter on basic weather principles that will get you up to speed. Videos on topics like stability, circulation, and weather scales will fill in the blanks for any pilot, even if it's been years since you thought about weather principles.

Lifetime Access, On Any Device

You can use your web browser to access your course online through your computer, smartphone, and tablet (Android or Apple). And you can use our dedicated iPhone and iPad apps to watch the videos online or offline. Once you've downloaded the videos to your iPad or iPhone, you won't need a network connection to watch your lessons.

You have lifetime access, and can use an unlimited number of computers, phones or tablets. We don't limit the number of devices you use, and your course never expires.


Helping You Improve

You can call or email us for free support - so that you get the most out of your training. We're available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Mountain Time via phone. Or, send us an email anytime.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyone learns differently, and we've designed this course to adapt to you. But, if you don't like it for any reason, you can take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email or give us a call, and we'll refund your purchase in full. It's a great way to try the course risk-free.

But, ultimately, we want to help you improve. So, if you find yourself frustrated, or want to ask a question, give us a call. We're flight instructors, and we can help answer your questions.

If you're looking for consistently great takeoffs or landings, the tools in this course will help you improve quickly. You'll have strategies you can use on your next flight, and you'll have lifetime access to tools that will help you as long as you fly. Start this course now, and you'll see improvement on your next flight.


System Requirements

Web Browser (Online Access):
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
iPad or iPhone App (Online and Download for Offline Access):
  • iPhones or iPads with iOS 12.4 or later

The Leaders In Aviation Training

We build courses that we want to use ourselves. Tens of thousands of pilots use Boldmethod courses, but you don't have to take our word for it. Scroll down to read what pilots are saying about Boldmethod.


What Are Pilots Saying About Boldmethod's Online Courses?

From Dave:

My CFI recommended Boldmethod training, what he meant was the email and YouTube. That's all great stuff but actually buying the training material course was the best. It is super easy to download and available forever! I have already found that to be a great part of the course, For instance if I know I'm gonna have to make a soft field landing I can quickly go to that section, Review the video with great demonstrations then take the quiz which drives the information home. Flight training is expensive! This course will make your training better and faster.

From Tom:

Your approach and clarity is something that was missing in my flight training years ago. I drive an old dollar 182 and am 70. VFR driver. You inspire me to knock off the rust and stay safe.

From Wayne:

The information provided by the first two workshops was very helpful. I applied those guidelines today while flying to refine my approach and landing. I'm an experienced pilot with over a thousand hours but I still struggle sometimes to make consistently stable approaches and landings. The result was a beautiful landing. Amazing how it all comes together when you know what to look for.

From Kirill:

I Love all the Boldmethod courses! I first discovered them on YouTube, and now I am going through all their courses and seminars - I love how the information is presented and structured. The other day I was practicing my crosswind landings solo, and I watched key parts of their crosswind landing course just before my flight to have it fresh in my memory - it was super helpful. Thank you guys, and please keep the great content coming!

From Linda:

First of all, let me say that I have enjoyed the past 2 sessions on landings immensely! They both contained just the right amount of material and were delivered very professionally. Your graphics were spot on and I think that your 1 page pattern speed/configuration form is worth its weight in gold...


Now's The Time To Start

If you want to feel confident about mountain weather, Boldmethod's course is for you. Sign up now to feel more comfortable and confident about navigating and understanding the mountains.

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