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Mastering Takeoffs and Landings Online Course


Do you have a perfect takeoff and landing every time? Neither do we. That's why we built our Mastering Takeoffs and Landings online course.

You'll learn strategies, tactics and fundamental principles that you can use on your next flight, and just about any takeoff or landing scenario you could imagine. Even better, the course is full of tools you can come back to throughout your flying career.

What Are Pilots Saying About This Course?

"I have Boldmethod's other courses, and this is another great one. I recently transitioned to a new model of aircraft and have struggled a bit with smooth landings. The course has already given me some new perspectives and is refreshing my training. I'm pleased with the results so far, and even my wife noted the significant improvement!"

"I struggled with consistent results in landing, especially in crosswinds. This course provides information that I did not get early in training and explains exactly what the aircraft is doing and why. This is the best and most comprehensive online course available."

"Colin, thanks for the email. Enjoying the course. Learned some new things even being instrument rated with 1,000 + landings & takeoffs, in all kinds of winds & conditions. The videos are excellent along with the narration. Navigation is seamless. Great job!"

A Trusted Source For Training

Over the past four years, more than 5,974,000 people have read our articles. And, we've had the opportunity to answer many of their questions. As flight instructors for over eighteen years, we've learned that knowledge - understanding what's happening and why - makes every flight more successful, and a lot more fun.

You'll learn through nearly three hours of video lessons - between two and fifteen minutes a piece, followed up by review summaries and interactive quizzes. The quizzes immediately reinforce what you've learned, helping you remember the strategies and tactics so that you can use them on your next flight. End of chapter tests help you measure your performance, so you know that you've mastered the subjects.


Knowledge That Improves Your Flying Skills

Nothing can replace flight time. But flight time without strategy and knowledge is simply frustrating - and expensive. The information in this course helps you approach every flight ready to improve. You'll get more out of each takeoff, pattern and landing, because you'll know what to look for. Whether you're a student with ten hours or a seasoned veteran with fifteen hundred, your skills will improve.

And the strategies and tactics apply to any piston, tricycle gear aircraft. While each aircraft has it's own control feel - the fundamentals don't change. And using these principles will help you transition between aircraft, as well.

What You Get In This Course:


You'll cover eight chapters, including:

  • 1) Normal Takeoffs - including technique, common problems and rules of thumb
  • 2) Traffic Patterns - including the fundamentals and how to alter your pattern for traffic and ATC requirements
  • 3) Normal Landings - including techniques for controlling your glide path, timing your flare, and compensating for wind, runway shape or slope, and density altitude
  • 4) Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings - including ways to stop drift and a maneuver you can practice to improve your crosswind correction
  • 5) Non-standard Takeoffs and Landings - including times you may not want to use your normal flap settings, and techniques to alter your final approach and flare when you're flying near large aircraft
  • 6) Short Field Takeoffs and Landings - including techniques to control your glide path and airspeed so you don't float on touchdown
  • 7) Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings - including times you may want to use a soft field technique even when you're using a hard surfaced runway
  • 8) Night Takeoffs and Landings - including techniques you can use in well-lit metro areas where the airport can be hard to find, as well as dark rural areas where you feel like you're in a black hole

You'll learn through twenty videos totaling nearly three hours of content, plus nineteen quizzes and nine tests. And you can take each quiz or test as many times as you want, so that you can always reinforce what you've learned.


Lifetime Access, On Any Device

You can use your web browser to access your course online through your computer, smartphone and tablet (Android or Apple). And you can use our dedicated iPhone and iPad apps to watch the videos online or offline. Once you've downloaded the videos to your iPad or iPhone, you won't need a network connection to watch your lessons.

You have lifetime access, and can use an unlimited number of computers, phones or tablets. We don't limit the number of devices you use - and your course never expires.

Helping You Improve

You can call or email us for free support - so that you get the most out of your training. We're available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Mountain Time via phone. Or, send us an email anytime.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Everyone learns differently, and we've designed this course to adapt to you. But - if you don't like it for any reason, you can take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee. Even if you've completed the entire course - simply send us an email or give us a call, and we'll refund your purchase in full. It's a great way to try the course - risk free.

But, ultimately, we want to help you improve. So, if you find yourself frustrated, or want to ask a question, give us a call. We're flight instructors, and we can help answer your questions.

If you're looking for consistently great takeoffs or landings, the tools in this course will help you improve quickly. You'll have strategies you can use on your next flight, and lifetime access to tools that will help you as long as you fly. Start this course now - you'll see improvement on your next flight.

System Requirements

Web Browser (Online Access):
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
iPad or iPhone App (Online and Download for Offline Access):
  • iPhones or iPads with iOS 12.4 or later


Now's The Time To Start

If you want consistently great takeoffs and landings, purchase the Mastering Takeoffs and Landings course now.

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