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Boldmethod - Digital Aviation Content To Educate, Inspire and Train

Boldmethod produces sharable digital aviation and flight training content. We produce stories that teach, entertain and inspire, as well as training courses that help pilots reach certification.

By combining formal training with daily engagement, we help pilots earn their certificate and keep them inspired to use it. With a growing base of a half-million monthly readers, we drive one of the largest aviation content networks online.

At A Glance

Boldmethod produces:

Daily Content That Inspires

Twice Weekly Articles On A Training Topic

Want to learn about hypoxia, or the difference between a slip and a skid? We've got you covered.

Quizzes - Finding Out How Much You Know Can Be A Blast

Three times a week, these quizzes keep you up-to-date on VFR and IFR procedures, and keep you sharp on anything with wings.

Lists - Because Fast Content Is Easy To Love

Want a one-minute aviation escape? Lists are there for you. Need a reminder on why you became a pilot, or want a quick rundown on why ForeFlight's so popular? Tune in.

Videos - A Few Minutes Of Inspiration And Education

From curated videos that inspire, to BoldmethodVideo productions that teach, this video content is fast. And, you'll learn something, too.

Training Courses That Engage

Flying is interactive - your training should be, too. Our courses engage and involve. Not through busywork like finding hidden popups or sorting matching lists. Instead, you'll use real world examples, reading and interpreting maps or decoding and interpreting forecasts. You learn by doing - and our training mirrors real life. And, like all of our content, it travels with you - on your computer, tablet or phone.