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8 Tips For Flying VFR In To Oshkosh 2022

Check out the complete NOTICE for AirVenture 2022 here, and fly safe!

1) Sign up for text message alerts.

Before you even leave the ground, text OSHARRIVAL to 64600 to automatically sign up for the current status of AirVenture arrivals. If arrivals change due to weather, etc., you'll be the first to know.

Mike Miley

2) Be ready to divert, and have enough gas for it.

If your plan is to land at KOSH, make sure you have plenty of fuel to divert to Fond du Lac (KFLD), Appleton (KATW), or Green Bay (KGRB).


3) Arrive on time.

Starting Thursday, July 21, 2022, KOSH is closed to all arriving traffic from 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM CDT daily. If you're planning to land at KOSH, make sure you're there well before 8:00 PM CDT.


4) Bring your printed parking sign & tie-downs.

Your sign, which you'll show to marshallers on the ground, designates your intended parking or camping area. The sign should have dark letters, and be readable from 50 feet. Visit for tools to print your sign. Tie-downs are required.


5) Review your VFR arrival route.

The VFR arrival starts at Ripon, WI, which is on the Chicago sectional chart. Check the NOTICE pages 2 and 3 for suggested VFR transition routes to Ripon that will keep you out of controlled airspace along the way.


6) Keep your lights on.

Regardless of light conditions, keep your aircraft lights on at all times in flight when you're within 50 miles of KOSH. Also, keep your transponder on throughout the approach.


7) Keep your distance from other aircraft.

Stay at least 1/2 mile in-trail of any aircraft you're following, and don't overtake another aircraft unless ATC authorized you.

Swayne Martin

8) Be ready to maneuver near the runway.

Be prepared for a combination of maneuvers that could include a short approach with descending turns, followed by a touchdown at a point specified by ATC which could be almost halfway down the runway. Use extra caution, and maintain a safe airspeed throughout your landing. And if your landing isn't working out, don't be afraid to go-around. Never force a landing.


Check out the complete NOTICE for AirVenture 2022 here, and fly safe!

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Nicolas Shelton

Nicolas is a flight instructor from Southern California. He is currently studying aviation at Purdue University. He's worked on projects surrounding aviation safety and marketing. You can reach him at

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