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8 Tips For Flying IFR In And Out Of Oshkosh 2022

Check out the complete NOTICE for AirVenture 2022 here, and fly safe! During AirVenture week, a Special Traffic Management Program (STMP) is implemented, meaning the normal flow of flying IFR will be different.

1) IFR Slot Reservation

In order to fly into Oshkosh from Thursday, July 21 1200-2000 CDT, and Friday July 22 through Sunday, July 31, 2022 0700-2000 CDT, you'll need to make an IFR slot reservation. Arrival slot reservations are avaliable beginning Monday, July 18 at 1200CDT, but you won't be assigned until 72 hours before you plan to fly in/out.

Departure slots follow a similar system, but are only required July 25 to July 31 0600-2000 CDT.


2) Early Filing

You need to file your flight plan a minimum of 6 hours prior to departure, and no more than 22 hours in advance.


3) Arrivals: Airborne Issued Clearances

If you're departing from an airport within 600NM of Oshkosh, you should get your clearance issued on the ground. Departing VFR and picking up IFR in the air can lead to long holding times.


4) Cancel IFR Before Arriving

If the ceiling is at or above 4,500' and the visibility is more than 5 miles, all IFR arrivals (except turbojet and air carriers) should cancel their IFR flight plan 60 NM from Oshkosh. From there, you'll join a VFR arrival.

Swayne Martin

5) IFR Traffic In VMC Conditions

If you're IFR in VMC conditions, you will still be sequenced in with VFR traffic. You can be asked to land on a runway dot as well.


6) Departure: Airborne Filing

ATC facilities within 150 NM of Oshkosh will reject any requests to file IFR while airborne. Do it on the ground!


7) Departure: Routing

All southbound routes flown at or below 15,000' MSL need to stay clear of Chicago's Approach Control airspace.

8) Departure: Airborne Issued Clearance

If you plan to depart VFR and pick up your IFR clearance in the air, the following facilities will issue them: Madison Approach, Chicago Center, Rockford Approach, Great Lakes Approach (formerly Muskegon Approach), and Green Bay Approach.


Check out the complete NOTICE for AirVenture 2022 here, and fly safe!

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Nicolas Shelton

Nicolas is a flight instructor from Southern California. He is currently studying aviation at Purdue University. He's worked on projects surrounding aviation safety and marketing. You can reach him at

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