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Hi! I'm Nicolas Shelton, a writer here at Boldmethod!

I started flying while I was a senior in high school and got my Private Pilot's license a month after graduating. I learned to fly in the small (yet forgiving) Cessna 152. After finishing my training I upgraded to the relative luxury of the Cessna 172. Flying with friends and family around Southern California provided me with a unique insight into subjects such as complex airspace, terrain, and exciting airports, I hope to use this perspective to write articles here at Boldmethod.

I am currently attending Purdue University in the state of Indiana, where I am studying Professional Flight. I have ambitions of becoming an airline pilot later on in my career, but in the meantime, I'm looking forward to all of the jobs aviation has to offer.

Outside of aviation, you will find me nerding out about weather events, taking photos of my adventures, and trying my best to enjoy my time with friends and family.

To get in contact with me reach out to: | Instagram: @aviator.nicolas