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9 Ways To Make Nervous Passengers More Comfortable

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Let's face it, most passengers are pretty nervous the first time they set foot in a small aircraft. Here's how you can make them more comfortable, and keep them coming back for more flights.

1) As you're planning the flight, show your passengers how you check the weather and file a flight plan. Also, show them the route you plan to fly, as well as landmarks they can see en-route.


2) Take them out to pre-flight the airplane with you. Make sure they ask questions, and explain what you're doing along the way. A safe airplane makes everyone happy!


3) Let passengers know when it is and isn't ok to have a conversation in the cockpit. When you're in a busy phase of flight, you want to keep distractions to a minimum.


4) If your passengers are interested, have them try some shallow turns with you during cruise so they can get a feel for how stable the plane is. But remember, you're always the PIC.


5) If you're flying at night, tune to a nearby airport frequency and show your passengers how to click the mike to turn on the runway lights.

6) Bring extra water and snacks with you...and always remember to have everyone use the restroom before hopping into the plane. There aren't any pit stops in the air!


7) If you can, plug in some music. And if you're using a Bluetooth headset like the Bose A20, show your passengers how they can pair to it and run their own playlist.


8) If you're visibly calm and collected, even during difficult situations, it will put your passengers at ease.


9) Finally, remember to put yourself in your passengers' shoes. A strange sound, shallow bank, and even light turbulence can scare a passenger who's used to flying the airlines. Explain what's happening (and that it's safe), and you'll have happy passengers from takeoff to touchdown.


What else can make your passengers more comfortable? Tell us in the comments below.

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