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7 Tips To Get Ready For Your Next Training Flight

This story was made in partnership with LIFT Academy. Check out the full series here. Want to be a pilot? Get started with LIFT Academy here.

Want to fly better on your next lesson? Here are 7 tips to get prepped.

1) Review Your Aircraft Procedures

Make sure you study up before your flight lesson. It will make your lesson a lot more efficient, and you and your instructor can focus on perfecting maneuvers, instead learning them from scratch.


2) Get Your Briefing Right Away

FAR 91.103 discusses the PIC required preflight action. Before your flight, make sure you're getting a weather briefing and understanding the factors that you could face.


3) Chair Fly

It's not as fun as the real deal, but it helps tremendously with checklist flows for configuring the aircraft for different maneuvers. Try it - it's more effective than you might think.


4) Listen To ATC Online

Listening to ATC will not only help you get used to fast talking on scratchy radios, but it also helps you understand the radio communications that are required on your end, and the responses expected from ATC on the other end.


5) Run Your Numbers Ahead Of Time

By calculating weight and balance and performance before you meet up with your instructor, you're able to focus more time on flying.


6) Preflight Before Hand

If your instructor is flying with another student, get the plane preflighted so you're ready to go when they show up.


7) Consider the IMSAFE Checklist

It's not just sleep and medication. Have you eaten lately? It's hard to learn when you're hungry.


Want to be a pilot? Get started with Lift Academy, and find out what it takes to start your aviation career here.

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