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9 Holiday Gift Ideas For Pilots

Whether you're looking for holiday gift ideas to add to your list, or gifts for a pilot in your life we've got you covered this year.

Note: These aren't paid product placements. We just think these are great gifts for pilots.

1) Handheld Radios

Great for flight instructors to listen to their students solo-ing in the pattern or for you to carry in your flight bag in case of an unexpected radio failure.

Get it here:


2) Tabbed FAR/AIM

As a pilot, you're responsible for knowing a lot of regulations. Save yourself hours of studying with Lively Aviation's tabbed FAR/AIM.

Get it here:

Lively Aviation

3) Graphic Tees

A simple staple of gift-giving, it's a safe bet your pilot will love this shirt. Whether your instructor keeps telling you to add more right rudder, or you've been firmly "instructing" your students to add more, we've got the shirt to make sure you never forget to add "more right rudder" again.

Get it here:

4) Flight Bag

From survival equipment to sectionals keep your bag organized with a bag that is made for aviation. Look for reinforced straps, since you'll be pulling your bag in and out of the aircraft a lot.

Get it here:

Flight Outfitters

5) Calling All Aircraft Owners

Whether you own an aircraft, or someone you know is an aircraft owner, owning your own airplane is a major life accomplishment. Celebrate your hard work with a Custom Tail Number sign for your office, home, or hangar.

Get it here:


6) Tie Clip

For the professional pilot in your life, level up your uniform while getting your tie out of your way during preflight walk-arounds. Unlike most tie-clips that are made to sit upright on a Men's dress shirt, this tie clip can be reversed for Men's or Women's dress shirts, meaning you'll always have the right side up.

Get it here:

7) Mugs

As a pilot you probably run on two types of fuel, the type that goes in the tanks, and the coffee in your cup. Sure everyone already knows you're a pilot, but now you've got the coolest mug in the FBO.

Get it here:

8) Sunglasses

Two of the most important tools in the cockpit are your sunglasses and your headset, but what happens when you put your headset over your sunglasses? Uncomfortable pinching and cabin noise! The solution? Check out Flying Eyes, they make flexible sunglasses for pilots to give you a more comfortable, quiet flight.

Get it here:

9) Boldmethod Courses

Having trouble nailing airspace weather minimums, or maybe aviation weather concepts? We've got a course for that, or if you're not sure, check out our gift certificates.

Get it here:

What great gifts did we miss? Comment below.

Nicolas Shelton

Nicolas is a private pilot from Southern California. He is currently studying at Purdue University, where he is working on advanced pilot ratings. You can reach him at

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