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7 Questions To Be Ready For In Your Airline Interview

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You should be ready to answer these questions...

1) Have you ever disagreed with the decision making of a pilot you flew with?

When your interviewer asks you this, they're looking to see how you handle conflicts on the flight deck. We've all been in an uncomfortable situation with another pilot at the controls (and if you haven't yet, you will be at some point).

Describe how you resolved the conflict safely, and if you haven't been in the situation, describe what you would do if a situation like this came up in your airline job.


2) Have you ever put yourself in a hazardous situation in flight? What would you do differently if you were faced with the same situation today?

Most of us have faced an "uh-oh" moment in the aircraft. It's part of learning your personal limits as a pilot. Describe a situation where you made yourself uncomfortable, and how you'd avoid that same situation today.


3) Tell me about a time when you felt pressure to depart on time, make it to your destination, or fly with a student even when it wasn't a good idea.

Have you ever tried to complete a student lesson in marginal weather? Most CFIs have an example of when they tried to finish up a student's lesson on a day that just wasn't good for flying. Talk about your experience, and how you handle it differently now.

Live from the Flight Deck

4) Have you ever been caught in bad weather? How did you handle it?

We've all been there - rapidly deteriorating weather. This is one of the most common challenges you face as a pilot. How do you handle bad weather? When do you make the decision to divert and get yourself on the ground?

Talk about an experience you've had when the weather started getting bad, and how your experiences have helped you avoid getting yourself into the same position today.


5) What's the worst experience you've had with a student or a passenger? How did you handle it?

Whether it's a sick passenger or an upset student, chances are, you've had a bad experience at some point.

Talk about how you handled the problem in the air, as well as what you did after you landed.


6) Have you ever been pressured to ignore a piece of broken equipment in order to depart on time or complete a lesson?

Hopefully this hasn't happened to you. But if it has, stress the importance of flying an airworthy airplane. Your interviewer wants to know that you're committed to flying a safe and legal aircraft, regardless of the circumstances.


7) Tell me about a time when you made a decision to divert.

When the weather starts deteriorating, or if you have an onboard problem with your aircraft, getting on the ground is usually a good idea.

Talk about a time you made the decision to divert, how you came to the decision, and if you had to do it all over again, what you would have done differently.


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