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6 Chart Symbols You've Probably Never Seen Before

There's a lot of data on those charts...

1) Flight Services/NAVAID Name

This shaded box indicates that the flight service station and NAVAID have the same name.

2) Bypass Route

A bypass route is depicted when the NAVAID or fix is not associated with the airway. In this example, the Barretts Mountain VOR is not part of the T214 route. It's just in-line with the route.

3) Unusable Route Segment

This is a segment of an airway that is no longer usable under IFR operations. (If anyone knows why this particular route is unusable, tell us in the comments below!)

4) MEA Gap

If you're flying along this route at the MEA, you could lose ground-based navigational coverage along this segment of V134.

5) Crosshatch

If you find data on an enroute chart that has crosshatching, it indicates there's an abnormal status. To figure out why, you'll have to check the NOTAMs.

6) Radial Degree

The degree symbol isn't always used, but when it is, it's to prevent the radial from being read incorrectly from different orientations. In this example, the 090 radial could be mistaken for the 060 radial, if you viewed the chart upside down.

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