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15 HR Questions To Expect During Your Airline Interview

Interviewers aren't simply looking to test your aviation knowledge. They want to see how you'll handle real-life, complex scenarios that you'll face as a brand new first officer.

The Human Resources (HR) portion of the interview shouldn't feel intimidating. But without preparation, you could be surprised by the depth of questions and struggle to find an answer.

Here are a few subject areas you should expect during your HR Interview:

  • Scenario based questions
  • Experience gained from previous work
  • "Tell me a time when ___" questions
  • Knowledge about the job role/company you're applying to
  • Personal skills and qualities
  • How you learned from past mistakes

There's no way to list everything you could be asked, but here are a few questions to help you get started...

1) Tell me about a time you were criticized at work by a coworker.

Live from the Flight Deck

2) What would you do if a flight crew member showed up for work and you think they may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

3) Why do you want to work for us?

Live from the Flight Deck

4) Your captain doesn't understand a clearance and is about to violate a regulation. You try to clarify, and they still don't agree. What should you do?

5) Tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership at work.

American Airlines

6) What's your definition of crew resource management (CRM) and is it limited to the cockpit?

7) You asked a flight attendant for a Coca-Cola with lime. A passenger notices and is concerned you're drinking a cocktail. How would you handle this situation?

Live from the Flight Deck

8) Other than stick and rudder skills, what qualities do great airline pilots have?

9) What's your greatest weakness?

Haley Howard

10) Your Captain and the lead flight attendant aren't getting along, and it's becoming difficult to function as a crew. What would you do?

11) For do you prepare for a day of work?


12) After a long ground delay, you receive your takeoff clearance. As you line up, the fuel drops a few pounds below minimum takeoff fuel. You let the Captain know, and he says "it's just 20 pounds of gas" and continues. What would you do?

13) What do you know about the history of our airline?

14) During preflight on your last flight of the day, you notice too many static wicks are missing from the airplane for dispatch. You let your Captain know. The small outstation doesn't have any maintenance or spares. Your captain says "well I guess they fell off during our flight home, right?" What would you do?

15) Tell me an "I'll never do that again while flying" story.


What questions did you get during your interview? Tell us in the comments below.

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