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You Might Be A Flight Instructor If...

Have you been spending a lot of time in the right seat lately? You might be a flight instructor if...

1) No matter what flight you're on, your hands are constantly in a defensive position on the controls.


2) And your feet are constantly shadowing the rudder pedals, even if you're flying with an experienced pilot.

3) If your student is off course, not or turning the right way, you catch yourself leaning right or left in your seat.


4) You know the difference between a landing that will rattle your teeth, and a landing that will damage the airplane, and you let your student do the first. Gotta learn from experience!


5) You know within seconds if your student's maneuver is going to work out or not.


6) You're not quite sure how many times you've landed today, but you know it's a lot.


7) You know how to perfectly position your aircraft's vents to keep yourself as cool as possible on those hot summer days.


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