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Your Step-By-Step Guide To Using ForeFlight's New Passenger App

ForeFlight's latest app allows passengers to track their flight while airborne, and it's incredibly easy to use.

To get started with the new Passenger app, follow these steps:

1) Download the App

Search 'ForeFlight Passenger' in the app store. This new app is compatible with iOS 12.2 and is free to download.

2) Open ForeFlight

When you open ForeFlight, click 'More' on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Next, select'Passenger' on the left.

3) Share Your Route

When you select 'Passenger' you will have the option to 'enable & start'. Tap to enable it. Once you have chosen this option, your route will be sent to any device nearby that has the passenger app downloaded. As long as route sharing is selected, even after your original route is shared, any modifications made to your route will also be updated on your passenger's device.

4) Open ForeFlight Passenger

When your passenger launches the app, select 'View Map'. As long as the pilot who is using ForeFlight has passengers enabled on their device, you passenger will see the route.

5) Flight Info

At the top of the screen, you can expand or condense the flight info window. In this section, it lists key information about the flight such as ETA, groundspeed and altitude.

6) Route Color

As you progress along your route, ForeFlight will keep track of your route by assigning legs colors. Previous legs are colored amber, the current leg is colored magenta and future legs are colored cyan.

7) North-Up vs Track-Up

On the bottom right side of the map screen, you have the option to have the map in north-up, where the orientation of the screen always has...north-up. Or, you can choose track-up, which allows the map to be oriented in the direction the aircraft is flying.

8) Auto-center

This option, when selected, will center the screen over the aircraft's current position. If you browse around the map and don't make any inputs for 30 seconds, the map will auto-center back to the aircraft's position.

9) Settings

Under settings, you can select the pilot from which your device is connected. You can also choose the units that you'd like to be displayed in the flight info section on the map page.

Have you used the new Passenger app yet? Tell us what your passengers thought in the comments below...

Corey Komarec

Corey is a commercial aviation student, CFII and commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings at the University of North Dakota. Corey has been flying since he was 16, and he's pursuing a career in the airlines. You can reach him at

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