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6 Tips For Your First Solo Flight

Here are some tips to make your first solo memorable, safe, and fun.

1) If they don't already know, tell the control tower you're a student on your first solo flight. They'll be extra patient and helpful with your pattern work.


2) Being nervous is one thing, but uncomfortable is another. If something feels wrong or you think you need extra practice, don't hesitate to talk to your instructor about it.

Nick Meyer

3) Take extra time to double check your checklists. There's no rush.


4) Get plenty of sleep the night before so you're feeling 100% for the flight.


5) There's nothing wrong or embarrassing about doing a few go-arounds if your approaches aren't spot on. You'll be considered a better pilot by making good go-around decisions.

Live from the Flight Deck

6) Your instructor signed you off for a reason and knows that you're ready to go. Just relax and fly the airplane like you always do.


What advice would you give a student pilot who's about to do their first solo flight? Tell us in the comments below.

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