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6 Things Student Pilots Do Better Than Experienced Pilots

1) Taking their time

There are lots of small details that can lead to something potentially dangerous. Student pilots tend to take more time completing tasks, helping eliminate the possibility of overlooking something and having something on a flight not go as planned.


2) Asking questions

Most student pilots aren't hesitant to ask questions about something they are unsure about. When you get your certificate, that shouldn't change, but it often times does. It can be easy to worry that other pilots might not consider you as credible if you ask questions. But asking questions about things you aren't sure about makes you a safer pilot.


3) Following procedures

Lots of pilots feel like they know the ins-and-outs of procedures without even looking at them (or following the standard procedure). While they may work, it's not always be the safest option.


4) Calculating the numbers

Weight and balance and performance calculations should never be skipped. Attitudes like "I took off on this runway once, it's fine to do it again" are what get you in trouble.


5) Preflight

You can't say enough about a good preflight. Student pilots make sure to cover each step, sometimes to a fault, on their checklist. But fast preflights and skipping over items are what cause accidents like this.

Corey Komarec

6) Accepting constructive criticism

Student pilots are used to constructive criticism after every flight. And for all pilots, feedback makes you a better, safer pilot. Never assume there isn't room for improvement!

Swayne Martin

Corey Komarec

Corey is a commercial aviation student, CFII and commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings at the University of North Dakota. Corey has been flying since he was 16, and he's pursuing a career in the airlines. You can reach him at

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