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Can You Log PIC? Yes Or No

B200 Tony Hisgett / Flickr


You've just added a multi-engine rating to your commercial certificate and you're looking to build PIC time so you can interview with a regional airline. A friend pilots a King Air B200 for a corporate department and you often ride along in the right seat. Can you log the time as PIC?

(We're talking about logging PIC time on the radio show Sunday, March 16 at 8:00pm CDT. Check it out!)

The Details - The Airplane

You're flying in a King Air B200, a twin turboprop that doesn't require a type rating.

Your Certificates

You hold a commercial certificate with single and multi-engine land ratings, as well as an instrument rating. In addition, you have a high-performance endorsement.

Your Friend's Certificates

Your friend holds a CFI with single-engine and instrument ratings, but no multi-engine rating. He also holds an ATP certificate with single and multi-engine land ratings. When you fly with him, he logs all of the time as PIC, though he lets you manipulate the controls during cruise.

The Operation

All of the flights operate under FAR Part 91 as a private corporate flight. The owners know you ride along and don't mind if you manipulate the controls.

Can You Log The Time As PIC? Vote And Comment!

  • Yes

    You CAN log PIC

  • No

    You CAN'T log PIC

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