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If You're A Private Pilot, Can Your Boss Cover Your Flight Expenses?

Cirrus SR-22 simplyalex

You're a private pilot and you own an airplane. Your boss offers to pay for your fuel and tie-down on a business trip. Can you take the money? Check out the full scenario and tell us what you think.

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Cirrus SR-22


You work as a salesman for an aviation parts company in Wichita, KS, and there's an upcoming sales conference that you need to attend in Dallas, TX. Another salesman for the company has a product demo at the same time in Oklahoma City, OK.

Your boss offers to cover your fuel and tie-down fees if you fly your SR-22 to the conference. He also asks you to bring the other salesman to their product demo in Oklahoma City, drop them off, and pick them up when you are done with the conference.

What do you think? Can your boss pay you to cover the fuel and tie-down? Vote and comment!

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