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Arriving And Landing At A Challenging Mountain Airport

Today is the last day of our Summer 2021 Landings Bootcamp, and to wrap things up, we fly into one of the most scenic airports we've ever been to.

Heber Valley airport in Utah is surrounded by mountains, and the close-in terrain requires some planning to make sure we have room to descend, enter the pattern, and still maintain our pattern speeds and power settings all the way to touchdown. Check it out.

When you purchase Mastering Takeoffs and Landings between now and Thursday, July 22nd, you get automatic, free access to our entire 5-video Summer 2021 Landings Bootcamp. Each video takes you though a different part of summer flying, preparing you for the turbulence, heat, and higher density altitudes you'll face all summer.

What Are Pilots Saying About The Boldmethod's Online Bootcamps?

From Dave:
My CFI recommended Boldmethod training, what he meant was the email and YouTube. That's all great stuff but actually buying the training material course was the best. It is super easy to download and available forever! I have already found that to be a great part of the course, For instance if I know I'm gonna have to make a soft field landing I can quickly go to that section, Review the video with great demonstrations then take the quiz which drives the information home. Flight training is expensive! This course will make your training better and faster.

From Tom:
Your approach and clarity is something that was missing in my flight training years ago. I drive an old dollar 182 and am 70. VFR driver. You inspire me to knock off the rust and stay safe.

From Wayne:
The information provided by the first two workshops was very helpful. I applied those guidelines today while flying to refine my approach and landing. I'm an experienced pilot with over a thousand hours but I still struggle sometimes to make consistently stable approaches and landings. The result was a beautiful landing. Amazing how it all comes together when you know what to look for.

From Kirill:
I Love all the Boldmethod courses! I first discovered them on YouTube, and now I am going through all their courses and seminars - I love how the information is presented and structured. The other day I was practicing my crosswind landings solo, and I watched key parts of their crosswind landing course just before my flight to have it fresh in my memory - it was super helpful. Thank you guys, and please keep the great content coming!

From Linda:
First of all, let me say that I have enjoyed the past 2 sessions on landings immensely! They both contained just the right amount of material and were delivered very professionally. Your graphics were spot on and I think that your 1 page pattern speed/configuration form is worth its weight in gold...

What Do You Get In The Bootcamp?

Our Summer 2021 Landings Bootcamp is a 5-video series on summer weather flying. You'll perfect your skills on:

  • Arriving to unfamiliar airfields
  • Handling updrafts and downdrafts in the pattern and during landing
  • Handling turbulence from descent to landing
  • Gusty and changing winds
  • High density altitude takeoffs
  • Landing at challenging airports with terrain and obstacles in the vicinity
  • And much more...

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