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JetBlue EMB-190 Makes Perfect Landing After Nose Gear Fails To Extend

Who needs all three landing gear?

A JetBlue EMB-190 enroute from Reagan National airport to Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas had a gear problem on arrival into MYNN. After troubleshooting and doing a fly-by for a gear check, the crew burned off extra fuel and prepared for a landing with no nose gear. From what it looks like, the landing couldn't have been any better. And due to some excellent work by the flight crew and ground crews, there were no reports of injures.

It doesn't get any more textbook than this. Well done, everyone.

Video via: cameronmd80

Colin Cutler

Colin is a Boldmethod co-founder, pilot and graphic artist. He's been a flight instructor at the University of North Dakota, an airline pilot on the CRJ-200, and has directed development of numerous commercial and military training systems. You can reach him at

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