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6 Things You Can Do To Knock The Rust Off Before Flying Again

If you're getting back into flying, these are 6 easy things you can do to get ready.

1) Take Our IFR Quizzes

There's a lot to remember when flying IFR. And when you're cleared to fly a procedure you haven't flown in weeks or months, the last thing you want to do is be left scratching your head wondering what comes next.

Click here to take some of our IFR quizzes.


2) Chair Flying

It's not as fun as the real deal, but it helps tremendously with checklist flows for configuring the aircraft for different maneuvers.


3) Quiz Yourself On Aircraft Limitations

To keep your aircraft in good condition, and to fly safely without breaking regulations, you need to know your aircraft limitations forward and backward. Pay extra attention to engine/oil temperature and pressure limitations. Make some flashcards using your POH to memorize the most critical ones.


4) If You Have Standard Callouts, Practice Them

It's easy to forget a few of them after a few weeks or months of not flying. Practice your normal, abnormal, and emergency callouts.


5) Take One Of Our Emergency Quizzes

To get back into the mindset of handling emergency situations, run yourself through a few scenarios. Try taking THIS QUIZ to knock the rust off.

Swayne Martin

6) Make Sure Your Currency Hasn't Expired

To carry passengers, you need to log 3 takeoffs and landings within the preceding 90 days. Remember, this applies to each aircraft category, class and type. This also applies to night currency.

FAR 61.57 requires that in the preceding 90 days, you've logged 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop from the time between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise, if you want to carry passengers at night.

If it's been awhile, brush up with our Mastering Takeoffs and Landings course.


What have you been doing to stay current and flight-ready this spring? Tell us in the comments below.

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You'll learn strategies, tactics, and fundamental principles that you can use on your next flight, and just about any takeoff or landing scenario you'll experience as a pilot.

Plus, for less than the cost of a flight lesson, you get lifetime access to tools that increase your confidence and make your landings more consistent.

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