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5 Tips To Make Your Flight Lessons More Efficient

This story was made in partnership with LIFT Academy. Check out the full series here. Want to be a pilot? Get started with LIFT Academy here.

Want to make your training flights more efficient? Here are 5 ways to be prepared and save time...

1) Have a plan

List out the maneuvers you need to accomplish on your flight and review them the day before you get into the airplane.


2) High work first, low work second

Fly your high-altitude maneuvers first, like steep turns and stalls. After that, descend and do your low-altitude maneuvers, like ground reference maneuvers. If you need to do emergency procedures for a lesson, fit them in during the descent.


3) Weather

With summer weather on the way, afternoons can be turbulent and stormy. Plan to fly early for smoother air and fewer cancellations.


4) Consider the wind

Plan your direction of flight so that your return trip will allow you to enter the airport as efficiently as possible. For example, if the wind is from the north, head north for the lesson. Then, you can easily enter a 45-degree angle to the downwind on your way back home.


5) Stay ahead of the aircraft

Rule of thumb: if you aren't doing something, you may be doing something wrong. Stay ahead of the aircraft during flight. This means maintaining situational awareness, setting up frequencies, and doing your checklists.

Swayne Martin

Want to be a pilot? Get started with Lift Academy, and find out what it takes to start your aviation career here.

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