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6 Things You Should Always Brief With Passengers In Piston Airplanes

When you're flying piston airplanes, there are a few specific things you should focus on when briefing your passengers...

1) The Sterile Cockpit Concept

With passengers connected to the intercom with you, keep them aware of times when a conversation is appropriate vs. distracting.


2) Looking For Other Traffic

Tell passengers to point out other aircraft - they may not realize your responsibility to see and avoid other traffic.


3) Using Exits, Emergency Equipment, And Safety Belts

Unlike an airline flight, there might not be anyone there to help your passengers operate exits and emergency equipment. Spend extra time making sure they're comfortable. And remember, FAR 91.107 requires you to brief each passenger on how to use their seat belt.


4) Keeping FOD Away From The Controls

FOD is distracting and dangerous. Numerous accidents have been caused by loose items in the cockpit getting jammed into flight controls.


5) Solving Motion Sickness

Smaller aircraft are most susceptible to turbulence. Let your passengers know how to stay comfortable, like looking outside toward the horizon instead of focusing their sight inside the cabin.


6) Full Flight Control Deflections

If you have a passenger sitting in the cockpit, show them how far back the control yoke travels at full-deflection. The last thing you want is for their seat or body position to interfere with flight controls when you need them.


What else do you brief your passengers with? Tell us in the comments below.

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