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6 Steps To Improve Your Radio Calls

Thanks to Bose for making this story possible. Check out the full series here. And if you want to know why we fly with Bose, learn more about their headsets here.

Before you key the mic...

1) Anticipate the call.

This comes with experience, but knowing when to expect a radio call minimizes the times you are caught off guard.


2) Don't rush.

Aircraft radios scratchy, and in general, hard to hear. Pace yourself to reduce the chance of someone not understanding your transmission. Speak clearly, and don't talk too fast.


3) Write down the details.

Whether it's a taxi clearance or your IFR route, ATC can sometimes give you a long clearance. Be ready to write it down so you don't have to ask twice.


4) Get familiar with the terms.

Not sure how you should say something? Check out the Pilot/Controller glossary.


5) Keep the mic close to your mouth.

The further the mic is from your mouth, the more background noise it picks up.


6) Plan your call before you push to talk.

Here's a template that helps:

  • Who are you talking to (ATC)
  • Who are you (N-number)
  • Where are you (10 miles northeast of...)
  • What do you want? (Full stop)

What other tips do you have to improve radio calls? Tell us in the comments below.

What are pilots saying about their Bose headsets? Learn more and read the reviews here.

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