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4 Reasons To Switch To An Electronic Flight Bag

Your source of navigational charts, procedures, and information will always be a personal preference, but here are our top reasons for making the switch to digital.

1) Geolocation / Ownship

While you shouldn't solely rely on an EFB app for navigation, it's a powerful tool for situational awareness. This is especially true when you're traversing complex airspace or flying instrument approaches.

Many apps also include terrain, aircraft, and airspace alerts, signaling possible dangers that could be overlooked on paper.


2) Free Updated Charts

One of the biggest advantages to using an Electronic Flight Bag is that your charts can be updated with the click of a button. It's never been easier to keep your charts up-to-date for every flight.


3) Easily Find What You're Looking For

Instead of finding that your sectional chart was folded to the wrong panel, an EFB gives you the power to search, pan, and pinch around charts.

Additionally, you can zoom in to see charts at a larger scale, which help prevent you from overlooking key information.


4) Flight Planning

It's not just about the charts. When you move to an EFB, flight planning for local or cross-country flights gets a lot easier. Fuel burn calculations are amazingly accurate, and in-app weather briefings make sure that you're ready to go with the information you need to make a safe flight.


Do you use an EFB? Do you still keep paper charts with you? Tell us your navigation strategies in the comments below.

Nicolas Shelton

Nicolas is a private pilot from Southern California. He is currently studying at Purdue University, where he is working on advanced pilot ratings. You can reach him at

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