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Our 13 Favorite Photos (And Moments) Of The Year

When we fly, we're always trying to improve and learn new things. Here are 13 of our favorite moments of 2016, when we left our computers behind to get some fresh air and sharpen our skills.

13) Takeoff

Aspen is a unique and challenging airport, and we've used it for several stories this year. Their airport operations crew is phenomenal to work with, and they even took the time to snap this picture of us departing this summer (thanks Trevor!).

Aspen Airport Ops

12) Checking Out The Ramp

Airport ramps are sort of like living history, with aircraft ranging from the latest in tech, to planes that were flying during WWII. And no matter where you go (like this photo from Steamboat Springs, CO), you're bound to find a little bit of both


11) Flying With Friends

What fun is flying if you can't share it with friends? We got to spend some time early this summer with Sarah (@cirrusdenver) brushing up on our mountain airport skills.


10) Learning New Things

We're constantly pushing ourselves to learn and try new things. This summer, Corey got his first flight in the flight levels. And while the blue mask might not be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, we all had a great time.


9) Checking Out New Airports

Not only is finding new airports fun, it's also a great learning experience.


8) Ground Crews

We love talking with ground crews when we land. They have all kinds of stories to tell, from what happened that day to the history of the airport. The ground crew in Telluride is one of our favorites. From talking about wild weather swings to pointing out the "Coors Beer" mountain, they always have a story to tell.


7) Finding The Sun, No Matter How Cloudy It Is

Because when gloomy weather hits, all you need to do is start climbing.


6) Flying In An ERJ

When ExpressJet said we could get a plane and a crew for a story about departure procedures, we jumped at the chance to explain one of the more confusing things in IFR flying.


5) Working Around The Weather

We spent a lot of time working around the weather all year.

4) Sunset Approaches

Whether you're in training or flying as your profession, it can be easy to forgot why you do it. Take a minute to look out the window and just enjoy the view.


3) Engine Failures In A Twin

We love to teach, and what's a better way to teach something like multi-engine failures than to climb in, fly it, and film it? That's exactly what we got to do at UND with one of their instructors.


2) Landing At The Highest Airport In North America

Talk about a lesson in aircraft performance. The density altitude at Leadville, CO was nearly 13,000 feet.


1) Spending Time At An Airport

The best part of airports are the people you meet. No matter where you are, there's someone with a story to tell, and advice that can make you a better pilot.


These were our favorite aviation moments of 2016. What were yours? Share them with us (and photos too) in the comments below.

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