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Does This Airplane Need A 100 Hour Inspection?

Cessna 182 Pataxi Canada


Your friend owns a Cessna 182 that he occasionally rents to a small group of pilot friends. He rents the airplane for $85/hr, including fuel. He doesn't provide instruction in the plane, however, he does require a checkout flight that includes 3 landings and some basic air maneuvers for everyone that rents it (the checkout is free).

Your plane is down for maintenance and you want to take a trip over the weekend, so you call him up to see if his plane is available. It is, and he agrees to meet you at the airport the morning of your flight to give you a checkout and get you on your way.

The morning of your flight, you meet him at the airport, pull the airplane out of the hangar, and start preflighting. During preflight, you review the maintenance logs to make sure the aircraft is current on its inspections. The annual inspection was performed 4 months ago and the plane has flown 220 hours since then, but it has never received a 100 hour inspection.

Before you go, does the airplane need a 100 hour inspection for you to legally rent it?

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Pass it on and see if your friends think this airplane needs a 100 hour inspection for your flight. Then, check back tomorrow for the answer!

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