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You're Doing A Short Field Landing On A Private Pilot Checkride. Then This Happens.

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You're giving a checkride in a Cessna 172. The flight's going well - until the short field landing.

Your Task:

Should the student pass or fail? Read the scenario below, then vote.


You ask the student to perform a short-field landing with no obstacle at either end of the runway. The student configures the airplane and flies the downwind and base legs at the correct speed and altitude.

As the student turns final, they undershoot the turn and get slightly high on glide path (three white dots on PAPI). The student corrects for the undershoot and reduces power to regain glide path, however, they reduce too much power and get low (four red dots on PAPI), as well as 5 knots below their recommended approach speed. The student adds power to correct the glide path, but gets too high in the process of correcting. The student continues to oscillate between four white dots and four red dots on the PAPI throughout the final approach.

As the student crosses the runway threshold, they are 5 knots slow and slightly high. They reduce the throttle to idle, and begin developing a fast sink rate. Approximately 20 feet above the ground, the student decides to go-around and applies full power. The main gear touch down hard, and the airplane bounces back into the air. The student performs the rest of the go-around procedure flawlessly, and climbs back to pattern altitude.

Should the student pass or fail? Vote below and tell us what you think! Then add comments explaining why you made your decision.

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You've cast your vote, now find out what your friends think.

Pass it on and see if your friends think the student should pass or fail their checkride.

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