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Can You Fly A VFR Cross-Country In These Weather Conditions?

Cirrus SR-22 simplyalex


You're a non-instrument rated private pilot, and you've planned a cross-country in your Cirrus SR-20 from Kalamazoo, MI (KAZO) to Traverse City, MI (KTVC).

The weather in both cities is good:
KAZO 291553Z AUTO 10012KT 10SM SCT055 09/M01 A2998 RMK AO2 SLP155 T00891011 401610044

KTVC 291553Z 08011KT 10SM FEW120 07/M06 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP187 T00721061 401331022

However, IFR conditions are forecast along your route of flight according to an AIRMET SIERRA. There are also several PIREPs in the area reporting overcast conditions with cloud bases at 800' and cloud tops at 9,500'.

Your SR-20 can easily climb over the reported cloud tops on your route. However, if you took the flight, you would be flying over an overcast layer for approximately 100 miles.

Can you fly VFR over the overcast layer and complete your cross-country from Kalamazoo to Traverse City? Vote, then tell us why you made your decision in the comments!

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Pass it on and see if your friends think this VFR cross-country can be flown over an overcast cloud layer.

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