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Can Two Private Pilots Log PIC At The Same Time?

Cirrus SR-20 Jens

Logging flight time is always a hot topic, especially when you're working toward a new certificate or flying job. Check out this scenario and tell us if both pilots can log PIC at the same time.

The Scenario:

You're a private pilot (non-instrument rated), and your friend invites you to ride along on a cross-country. He's a private pilot with an instrument rating, and he's flying his Cirrus SR-20 from Louisville, KY to Augusta, GA.

Both of you have current medicals, as well as the required takeoff/landing currency under FAR 61.57 for the Cirrus (Airplane Single Engine Land).

On the day of the flight, your friend files an IFR flight plan and two of you take off for Augusta. The weather is clear across the entire route, and even though you're on an IFR flight plan, you're in VMC (visual meteorological conditions) the entire time.

Part way through the flight, your friend says he wants to practice some simulated instrument conditions "under the hood", and he asks you to be his safety pilot while he practices. You accept, and he flies for .9 hours with his foggles on. A few hours later, you land in Augusta, with a total flight time of 3.2 hours.

Can both of you log PIC time for all or part of the flight? Vote, then tell us why you made your decision in the comments!

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