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Vote: What Does 'Bingo Fuel' Really Mean?

Bingo Fuel Armando G Alonso

If you've ever watched an aviation movie, you've probably heard the term "Bingo Fuel". But what does it really mean? Read this scenario and tell us what you think.


A pilot flying a Cessna 210 is on an IFR cross country in IMC conditions. 40 miles from the destination airport, Air Traffic Control places the pilot in holding on an arrival fix, due to traffic and low weather at the airport.

The pilot enters holding and starts calculating his fuel reserves. After completing 4 turns in holding, the pilot determines that if he can't exit holding and continue to the airport in the next 10 minutes, he'll need to divert to his alternate.

The after one more turn, the pilot calls ATC and declares "Bingo Fuel" in an attempt to get out of holding and on to the approach.

At this point, what would you expect ATC to do? Vote below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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You've Made Your Choice - Now How About Your Friends?

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Now that you've voted, check out our answer to the question here!

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