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Does An FBO Airplane Rental Require A 100hr Inspection?

Cessna 182 andrijbulba


Cessna 182


You see an online ad from your local FBO advertising a special weekday rental rate on their Cessna 182. The ad says that if you rent the airplane for at least 5 hours in 30 days, the aircraft checkout is free (checkouts usually last 45 minutes).

You head out the airport to get checked out in the 182. When you get to the FBO, you meet up with the owner, who will be giving you the checkout. As part of the preflight, you review the maintenance logbook and notice the airplane has not been receiving 100hr inspections. It did, however, receive an annual inspection 9 months ago, and has been flown 459 hours since then.

Can you rent this airplane if it's only had an annual inspection? Vote and comment!

  • Yes

    The annual is all you need

  • No

    A 100hr is needed as well

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