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Aviation Weather Products

Look Like A Rockstar On Your Check Ride - And Every Time You Fly

We want you to look like a rockstar on your check ride - or any time you're out flying. Here's a way your Aviation Weather Products course can help you get there.

What's The Weather Going To Be Like At 2240?

As you're reviewing your flight planning on your check ride, your examiner will ask you what weather is forecast for different times. On a TAF, you'll need to sort through FM, PROB30 and TEMPO groups. This isn't just a "check ride question" - airline pilots review TAF forecasts before every leg.

Each TAF is grouped into forecast time blocks, which usually start with a "FM######" code. That's a from group, and the numbers indicate the date and time (in UTC) that the weather is forecast to begin. If weather is forecast to temporarily occur during a time period, the TAF will also add a "TEMPO" group. And, if there's a low (30%) chance of weather during a time period, the forecaster may add a "PROB30" group.

Here's the catch - if some of the weather conditions aren't forecast to change during TEMPO or PROB30 time, the forecaster doesn't repeat that weather in the TEMPO or PROB30 group. That often confuses students on a check ride - because it may look like a wind or sky condition forecast is missing.

Buy the Aviation Weather Products course for $24.99 and you won't get caught. Not only will you quickly learn how to read each of these groups, but you'll also get practice answering check ride questions about the forecast. You'll look like a rockstar to your examiner, and best of all, you'll easily decode the forecasts when you're out flying. It's the best - and fastest - way to learn aviation weather reports and forecasts.

Buy For $24.99

Buy The Aviation Weather Products Course

You've got access to the METAR section for free, but buy the course for $24.99 and you'll have access to the rest of the weather reports and forecasts - including pilot reports, area forecasts, terminal forecasts, winds and temperatures aloft forecasts, AIRMETs, SIGMETS and Convective SIGMETS.

There's no faster way to learn to read these reports and forecasts. It definitely beats watching hours of video or digging through FAA manuals. And, the practice sessions make sure you can really read and use the forecasts - plus pass your check ride. It's definitely the best - and fastest - way to learn to read weather reports and forecasts.

Buy For $24.99