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Aviation Weather Products

Learn to decode Pilot Reports (PIREPs)

An interactive, hands-on way to learn how to read Pilot Reports (PIREPs) and other aviation weather reports and forecasts

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What is a Pilot Report?

Pilot Reports, often called PIREPs, are weather observations reported by pilots to ATC or a Flight Service Station (FSS). They're often the only way to confirm icing, turbulence and low-level wind shear conditions and help verify the accuracy of other weather reports and forecasts.

What Does this Course Cover?

This course teaches you to read and use Pilot Reports, focusing on each weather group and code contained in the report. It also covers every other text weather report and forecast you'll need to know for your private pilot check ride, including: METARs, TAFs, Area Forecasts, Winds and Temperatures Aloft Forecasts, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and Convective SIGMETs.



  • Hands-on reports show you how Pilot Reports code any weather condition

    You'll learn how PIREPs report weather conditions by examining each code group and then changing its values. Increase and decrease visibility and see how the report changes. Vary the airspeed change from low-level wind shear and watch it reflect in the PIREP. You'll quickly gain experience reading all types of reported weather conditions, and will be able to answer any question your check pilot throws at you.

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    This course breaks down each part of a report or forecast by individual weather group - allowing you to quickly jump to areas you need to study. Do you feel comfortable with visibility reported in a PIREP, but are unfamiliar with turbulence intensity levels? No problem - jump straight to the turbulence section. Totally confused about the difference between a UA and a UUA PIREP? We'll take you through both types step-by-step. Each report and forecast is broken down by group so you can study at your own pace.

  • Unlimited Examples Teach You to Recognize all Types of Weather

    Our weather simulator generates real-world weather conditions - so you quickly gain experience with all types of weather. And, with unlimited examples, you won't memorize a series of reports - so you aren't surprised when your check pilot pulls out a PIREP for thunderstorms during your February check ride!


  • Practice until you feel comfortable

    Each practice section allows you to answer as many questions as you want - you can stop when you're comfortable. Score and streak gauges let you know how you're doing, by showing you your overall percentage score as well as how many questions you've answered correctly in a row. Once you're comfortable with a group - move on!

  • Targeted practices let you fix weak areas quickly

    Each practice focuses on a specific weather group in a report or forecast - simulating questions for each variation of that group. Feel uncomfortable decoding icing conditions in a PIREP? No problem - you can focus in on the group and practice until you're proficient. Whether it's varying ceiling heights in a METAR or the outlook in a Convective SIGMET, you'll be able to read it.

  • Weather simulator makes sure you can read any condition

    Each practice session uses a weather simulator to generate unlimited, real-world questions with new weather conditions. You'll see weather from all seasons and areas, so you can read any report your check pilot throws at you.


End-of-topic test make sure you're proficient

Each weather report or forecast ends with a test to measure your proficiency. You can retake the test as often as you want - we'll save your highest score. Review your answers after each attempt and quickly identify any areas where you need more practice.

Designed to Work on Your Computer, Tablet and Phone

The course runs through your web browser, so you can use your computer, tablet or phone - including Apple, Android and Windows.

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