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Flight Schools

Tools to Make your Students and CFIs Successful

Our courses and CFI tools boost your students' and instructors' performance through standardized learning and teaching resources without up-front expense to you.

Training Courses

Accelerate Student Performance and Engagement

Multifaceted Training Engages Your Students

Each course uses interactive graphic examples to keep students engaged and involved in their training - allowing them to quickly reach the necessary level of learning while staying entertained.

Standardized Content Improves Performance

Our courses allow you to standardize the instruction that your students receive, ensuring that each student gets the same level of quality instruction. End of topic tests allow you to ensure that all students meet performance standards and help you identify weak areas.

Keep your instructors in the loop

Students can keep instructors up-to-date with their training progress by emailing evaluation results. In addition, students can review evaluations and practice exercises with instructors - allowing CFIs to quickly identify and resolve weak areas.

CFI Tools

Maximize Your Instructors' Performance

Stay in the loop

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