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9 Training Tips For Every Student Pilot

This story was made in partnership with LIFT Academy. Check out the full series here. Want to be a pilot? Get started with LIFT Academy here.

Have you started flight training? Here are a few tips that will help you become an awesome pilot.

1) Armchair fly! Bring a checklist copy home with you and get more familiar with your cockpit.

Swayne Martin

2) Hang out at the airport and get to know experienced pilots. If no one else in your family flies, having those pilot mentors can make a huge difference.


3) Always come prepared for a lesson. Studying before you get into the cockpit is the #1 way you can save money.


4) Visit an air traffic control facility to get a better perspective on the airspace system that, as a pilot, you operate in each and every day. But always remember to call ahead to see if they can take you.

5) Get in the habit of doing a thorough pre-flight check; it's the best way to avoid a problem once you've started the engine.


6) Keep your pilot logbook up to date. It's easier to enter every flight when you fly it, than it is to log a bunch of flights at once.


7) Use the thousands of resources and online courses out there to help you learn when you're not with your instructor.

8) Don't worry when you're stuck on a tough topic. Whether it's crosswind landings, performance calculations, or radio work, flight training doesn't always come easily. Every pilot had something that challenged them during training...and they all worked through it with practice.


9) Don't forget to have fun! You got into flying because it's fun...take time to enjoy it!


Want to be a pilot? Get started with Lift Academy, and find out what it takes to start your aviation career here.

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