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8 Flying Decisions You'll Feel Pressured To Make

If you're a pilot, you've probably been pressured by these 8 decisions. Whether you've felt these pressures from passengers or yourself, holding yourself to personal standards is critical.

1) Taking Off In Marginal Weather

Making a go/no-go decision when you need to get somewhere with passengers is never fun. Your decision should always be the safe route, and you'll be most respected for it in the end.


2) Flying Over Maximum Weight

Has someone ever told you: "Don't worry about being a little overweight, the plane was certified with safety margins, so it can fly much heavier than published."

While this may be true in some circumstances, that doesn't change the legal airplane limitation you're breaking. If anything happens, knowingly flying overweight will fall on your shoulders as PIC, leading to some serious consequences.


3) Busting Weather Minimums

Remember flying through those "scattered" clouds? Weather minimums are established to keep you and the IFR traffic around you safe.

4) Flying When You're Sick

There's nothing worse than preflighting on a wet day outside when you have a cold. Before you even leave for the airport, ask yourself: "Am I 100% on my game to fly today?"

If you've ever gotten a sinus block mid-flight from being sick, you probably remember saying to yourself that you'd never do that again.


5) Rushing A Departure

If you're running late, remind yourself to slow down. A few extra minutes isn't going to change a whole lot when it comes to scheduling. Take your time to get all information prepared and reviewed before your flight.

Swayne Martin

6) Flying Lower Than You're Comfortable

Has a friend pushed you to fly lower and lower so they can see their house better? Have a personal minimum in mind and always take into account safe landing areas around you. Never break FARs when flying over congested areas. You're putting yourself at risk for getting a violation if someone on the ground reports you.


7) Taking Money For A Flight

Whether you're a private pilot or commercial pilot, taking money for a flight is a sticky subject. Be extremely cautious and make sure you're following all of the regulations regarding commercial operations and common carriage before you plan a trip.

8) Flying Un-Airworthy Aircraft

Not so sure about the airworthiness of the plane you're about to fly? Take extra time to review the maintenance logbooks and do a thorough preflight check. Whether you notice a mistake or not, flying an un-airworthy airplane rests on your shoulders as PIC.


Have you ever felt pressured to fly when you shouldn't have? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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