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5 Ways To Start Your Flight Training Right Now

Want to be a pilot? Here's how you can start right away...

1) Spend Time At An FBO

One of the best ways to gain flight experience is simply to spend time around your local FBO. Better yet, get a job there. Some FBOs will exchange work hours for flight time, or offer reduced flying rates. You'll also build relationships with the people around the airport, which opens up a world of opportunities to go flying.


2) Join EAA's Young Eagles

If you're between 8 and 17 years old, you can join Young Eagles, which offers free flights, flight training scholarships, and more. Check out the EAA Young Eagles step-by-step plan: EAA Young Eagles Program

Live from the Flight Deck

3) Learn To Fly Gliders

Gliders are an affordable way of learning to fly. And once you know how to fly gliders, you can easily transition to single engine aircraft.

Live from the Flight Deck

4) Start Networking

Chances are, you or your family know a pilot, or at least someone who knows a pilot. Reach out to them by starting a conversation about your goals and love for aviation. You'll be amazed at the opportunities that come from simply connecting with people in aviation.


5) Earn Money For Flight Time

And remember, if you don't fly the newest plane in your FBO's fleet, you won't pay the highest rate, either. Older planes still go through the same inspections and maintenance checks, but they can be a lot less expensive than the shiny new plane sitting on the ramp...


Do you know someone who's interested in becoming a pilot? Send them this article. It might be just the thing to get them started on their flight training path!

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