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How Low Can You Go? ILS CAT III Infographic

If you have your instrument rating, you know there's nothing quite like breaking out of the clouds at minimums on an ILS. When you see those approach lights break through with the rabbit guiding you in, you feel like a pro - and you're flying like one.

Maybe that's why a Category (CAT) II and III ILS is so captivating. Check out the infographic below. You'll be amazed at what a CAT III ILS can do - and what it can't.

Cat 3 Approach - 1
Cat 3 Approach - 2a
Cat 3 Approach - 2b
Cat 3 Approach - 3a
Cat 3 Approach - 3b
Cat 3 Approach - 3c
Cat 3 Approach - 4a
Cat 3 Approach - 4b
Cat 3 Approach - 5

Sources: AIM, Procedures for the Evaluation and Approval of Facilities for Special Authorization Category I Operations and All Category II and III Operations, CRITERIA FOR APPROVAL OF CATEGORY III WEATHER MINIMA FOR TAKEOFF, LANDING, AND ROLLOUT, FAA AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT AND OPERATIONAL AUTHORIZATION

Now check this out - real ILS CAT III approach videos shot from airline cockpits.

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