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Can You Land At This Airport?

Cessna 182 Primary Andrew Cohen


You're a non-instrument rated private pilot taking a cross-country in your Cessna 182 from Boulder, CO (KBDU) to Cheyenne, WY (KCYS).

You takeoff from Boulder at noon. Shortly into your flight, the weather starts to deteriorate. You look on your sectional for diversion airports and spot Fort Collins (KFNL) about 10 miles ahead. Based on the sectional, KFNL has Class E airspace to the surface. The next thing you do is tune into AWOS to get the weather:
KFNL 191553Z AUTO 28003KT 3SM OVC009 22/14 A2966 RMK AO1

Fort Collins Sectional

Based on this weather, can you divert and land at Fort Collins?

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