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Would This Commercial Trip Put Your Certificates At Risk?

King Air 2 Dreamcatcher-68 / Flickr

You're a commercial pilot and flight instructor, flying as PIC on a university's King Air. While you generally use the King Air for contract student instruction, you occasionally carry the university's president and staff on business trips.

The Trip

One afternoon, the president's office calls and asks you to plan a trip to pick up a major university donor in Great Falls, Montana. You'll fly him to Cheyenne, Wyoming for a hunting trip. None of the university staff will travel with - your only passenger is the donor. You'll fly the donor back to Great Falls several days later.

Can you do the trip under FAR Part 91, or is the trip considered "common carriage" and regulated under FAR Part 119?

If you need a refresher on commercial operations that fall under FAR Part 135 or FAR Part 121, check out FAR 119.1.

Can You Take The Trip Under FAR Part 91? Vote!

  • Yes

    This is a Part 91 Flight

  • No

    This is a Part 135 Flight

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