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Welcome to the Start of Something Awesome


Welcome to the start of something awesome. Over the past year, we've been building training platforms, prototypes and our first course. Many of you have been cheering for us along the way.

Today we start Boldmethod's next phase. We're releasing our blog, which will have posts throughout the week on aviation topics. Of course we'll blog about training, but we've also lined up interviews with pilots and other aviation professionals - to give you a taste the different careers out there. And we've lined up some designated examiners - to make sure you're ready for your checkride. To start it off, we'll be blogging every day between Christmas and New Year - so you can get your avgeek fix during the holiday.

We're also releasing free training aids - something that every CFI should find useful. There interactive, and they can help reduce bad CFI whiteboard art. Our first one releases this January.

And of course, we're releasing more training courses. Stay tuned for airspace and systems coming this winter.

We hope you love the new Boldmethod. If you do - please share it! See you soon and #flysharp!

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