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6 Things You Can Do With General Aviation News

Oshkosh Updates 2014


Sometimes you just want to read - grab a newspaper or magazine and dig in. We read a lot; it's the best way to get story ideas. And one of our favorites is General Aviation News. Believe it or not, they're not just a Facebook page and website - they're a magazine! (Actually, the magazine's been around for 66 years!) So, what can you get out of General Aviation News? Here are six stories and uses for most recent issue...

1) The Flying Car Is... Flying!

Two person testing has begun for the flying car. It's a weird airplane - love it or hate it, you've gotta admit that it's unique...


2) It's In The FBO Bathroom 'Cause...

Walk into nearly any FBO, and you'll find a copy in the bathroom. It gives you something to read while you're hiding from your annoying copilot. And, if you run out of toilet paper, well.. You've got an operational spare.


3) Don't Steal My Airport!

KN51's a privately held field, struggling to stay out of an eminent domain seizure. We may never land there, but it gets our blood pressure up nonetheless...


4) My Senior Project Wasn't Nearly This Cool...

Jenna Nelson's senior project is to... organize a fly in! She'll be hosting a pancake breakfast, a flour drop contest and a static display at Middle Fork Aviation in Challis, Idaho. If you're free on August 30th, you might want to plan a cross-country...


5) Read About Flying The Poles In The Polar Pumpkin

Art Mortvedt flies his Cessna 185 to some pretty remote destinations - like the north and south pole. These are trips I'll probably never take - but reading about them is pretty awesome.


6) If You Forget Your Hood...

No foggles? No problem. Just stick it under your headset and voila! Instant IFR.


What other magazine is this versatile? In our opinion, none! Check out more good stuff (and uses) - grab a copy of General Aviation News or head on over to their website.

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