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About Us

By Boldmethod (@boldmethod)
Saturday, 02/15/2014

Learn to easily read weather reports and forecasts - right now!


Whether you're a student who's never read a METAR, or an ATP who needs to brush up on Area Forecasts, you'll love this course.

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About Boldmethod

Boldmethod builds online flight training courses that help you quickly learn how to become a pilot. As flight instructors, we understand the immense amount of information you need to learn as a pilot, and our courses and tools help you quickly become proficient in the ground knowledge you need to know. We're in the process of building an entire Private Pilot training curriculum in 2014, and our first course, Aviation Weather Products, is available for you right now to start mastering weather reports and forecasts.

We've also created an awesome daily flight training blog, as well as free CFI tools to help any instructor make their briefings more interesting and engaging.

Where We've Been

We've built training apps for many industries - from General Aviation to the US Air Force and everything in between. We've come back to what we love, which is teaching people how to fly.

We trained and instructed for a combined 12 years at the University of North Dakota. Together, we have over 4000 hours of flight time and 3000 hours of flight instruction, in aircraft ranging from the Cessna 152 to the Canadair Regional Jet.

Our experiences, as well as our love of aviation, is what makes Boldmethod and its products what they are: the very best flight training courses available on the web.

Aleks & Colin


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Master weather reports and forecasts - Right Now!


You'll quickly become proficient at reading weather reports and forecasts.

The interactive content keeps it interesting, and the quizzes make sure you can use what you've learned.

And, you can take it with you as a reference - it works on your computer, phone and tablet.

Start now with a FREE trial!
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