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Kyle Fosso: Resurrecting a Cessna 170B

Watch Kyle rebuild a Cessna 170B from the ground up. After more than four years of work, this Cessna will fly better-than-new...

At first glance, buying a plane seems out of reach for most people - especially when you're 14. Kyle Fosso found a way to make it happen. While working in an mechanic shop in Anacortes, Washington (74S), Kyle launched a search for an airplane he could rebuild. He found a true project - a 1954 Cessna 170B floatplane that crashed in 1972, while taking off from Murphy's Chance, Alaska. Kyle's been restoring the aircraft piece-by-piece since 2010, and he hopes to take it to Oshkosh in 2015. Once he's done, the plane will be far better than new. Follow his story and discover what it takes to resurrect a Cessna 170.

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