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15 Military Aircraft You Could Buy Today And Fly Tomorrow

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own fighter jet? Here are 15 military aircraft you could buy today.

Each of these aircraft is in flyable condition!

1) 1942 Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero: $3,300,000

The Zero was considered to be the most capable carrier-based fighter in the world when it was introduced early in World War II, combining excellent maneuverability and very long range.


2) 1944 Grumman FM-2 Wildcat: $1,225,000

With a top speed of 318 mph, the Wildcat was outperformed by the faster 331 mph, more maneuverable, and longer-ranged Mitsubishi A6M Zero. However, the F4F's ruggedness, coupled with tactics such as the Thach Weave, resulted in a claimed air combat kill-to-loss ratio of 5.9:1 in 1942 and 6.9:1 for the entire war.

The later manufactured FM-2 Wildcat was designed to be more powerful and light, for use on smaller aircraft carriers.


3) 1944 North American P-51 Mustang: $1,995,000

You won't meet a pilot out there that doesn't want to fly the iconic P-51 Mustang. It was the allies' solution to a long-range bomber escort and served well as both a single-seat fighter and air-to-ground platform. Mustangs were widely flown in WWII and the Korean War.

Jim Raeder

4) 1945 Supermarine Spitfire MKXVIII: $2,119,845

The Spitfire was the only British fighter produced continuously throughout WWII and was designed as a short-range, high-performance interceptor aircraft. It served the allies as the perfect defense aircraft during the Battle of Britain. With only 60 flying models remaining, this sleek fighter captures the imaginations of crowds at every airshow.


5) 1951 Chance Vought F4U Corsair: $3,450,000

The Corsair was designed and operated as a carrier-based aircraft and entered service in large numbers with the U.S. Navy in late 1944 and early 1945. It quickly became one of the most capable carrier-based fighter-bombers of World War II. Later flown in the Korean War, its 1942-1953 production run was the longest of any U.S. piston-engined fighter


6) 1951 Cessna L-19 305F Bird Dog: $149,000

Need something on the relatively affordable side? When the U.S. Army was searching for an aircraft that could adjust artillery fire, as well as perform liaison duties, the Bird Dog was born. It's essentially a modified C170 and served through the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Now for a cool story about this plane...

"On April 29, 1975, the day before the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War, Republic of Vietnam Air Force Major Buang-Ly loaded his wife and five children into a two-seat Cessna O-1 Bird Dog and took off from Con Son Island. After evading enemy ground fire, Major Buang-Ly headed out to sea and spotted the aircraft carrier Midway. With only an hour of fuel remaining, he dropped a note asking that the deck be cleared so he could land. Knowing there was no room for this to happen, Midway's commanding officer, Captain Lawrence Chambers ordered $10 million worth of South Vietnamese Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters to be pushed overboard into the South China Sea so he could have enough room to land.


7) 1952 North American F86F Sabre: $275,000

The Sabre is best known as the United States' first swept-wing fighter that could counter the swept-wing Soviet MiG-15 in high-speed dogfights in the skies of the Korean War. By the end of hostilities, F-86 pilots were credited with shooting down 792 MiGs for a loss of only 78 Sabres in air-to-air combat, a victory ratio of 10:1.


8) 1959 McDonnell Douglas F4H-1F Phantom: $3,250,000

The Phantom is a large fighter with a top speed of over Mach 2.2. It can carry more than 18,000 pounds of weapons on nine external hardpoints, including air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground missiles, and various bombs. The F-4 was used extensively during the Vietnam War. It served as the principal air superiority fighter for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps and became important in the ground-attack and aerial reconnaissance roles late in the war.


9) 1961 Douglas A-4D Skyhawk: $1,600,000

The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a single-seat subsonic carrier-capable attack aircraft developed for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps in the early 1950s. It is capable of carrying a bomb load equivalent to that of a World War II-era Boeing B-17 bomber and can deliver nuclear weapons using a low-altitude bombing system and a "loft" delivery technique. Later, the Navy flew A-4s as a part of their Blue Angels Demonstration Team.


10) 1960's Lockheed C-130E Hercules: $15,000,000

Need room for 92 passengers, 64 airborne troops, 74 litter patients with 5 medical crew, 6 pallets, 2-3 Humvees, 2 M113 armored personnel carriers, or 1 CAESAR self-propelled howitzer? This C-130E is your answer! The C-130 Hercules is the longest continuously produced military aircraft at over 60 years.


11) 1979 British Aerospace Sea Harrier FA2: $Call

The British Aerospace Sea Harrier is a naval short take-off and vertical landing/vertical take-off and landing jet fighter, reconnaissance and attack aircraft. Unusual in an era in which most naval and land-based air superiority fighters were large and supersonic, the principal role of the subsonic Sea Harrier was to provide air defense for Royal Navy task groups centered around the aircraft carriers.


12) 1981 Dornier Alpha Jet: $1,400,000

The Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet is a light attack jet and advanced jet trainer co-manufactured by Dassault Aviation of France and Dornier Flugzeugwerke of Germany. With 15 international operators, the jet has been used to train fighter pilots all over the world and even fulfilled its role as a ground-attack aircraft during a few small conflicts.


13) 1981 AH-1 Cobra Converted to Bell 209: $2,173,496

The AH-1 was the backbone of the United States Army's attack helicopter fleet, until later being replaced by the Apache. It was in service from 1967 to 2001, seeing action in numerous conflicts around the world.


14) 1985 Aero L-39C Albatros: $315,000

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer developed in Czechoslovakia by Aero Vodochody. These jets are relatively easy to find for sale around the world, with a relatively low price and operating cost for the market.


15) 1990's Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk: $5,000,000

Named after the Native American war leader Black Hawk, the UH-60A entered service with the U.S. Army in 1979, to replace the Bell UH-1 Huey as the Army's tactical transport helicopter. This was followed by the fielding of electronic warfare and special operations variants of the Black Hawk. Hundreds are operated today by militaries around the world, or in civilian roles as the "S-70."


What's the strangest aircraft you've seen for sale? Tell us in the comments below.

Swayne Martin

Swayne is an editor at Boldmethod, certified flight instructor, and an Embraer 145 First Officer for a regional airline. He graduated as an aviation major from the University of North Dakota in 2018, holds a PIC Type Rating for Cessna Citation Jets (CE-525), and is a former pilot for Mokulele Airlines. He's the author of articles, quizzes and lists on Boldmethod every week. You can reach Swayne at, and follow his flying adventures on his YouTube Channel.

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