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8 Places You'd Never Expect To See A CRJ Engine

If you fly a CRJ, you're flying with two CF34 engines behind you. And while it's the most popular aircraft to use the engines, it's not the only place you'll find them...

Envoy Airlines

1) Boeing 747

That's right, the "Queen of the Skies" has carried a CF34 engine on more than one occasion. In this case, it was a 747-100 was carrying a CF34 in the Mojave desert for flight tests. Just hope you don't lose all three other engines...

Alan Radecki

2) Embraer E-170/190

Bombardier's not the only one using CF34s, you can find them on the E-170/190 line as well.


3) S-3 Viking

Those CRJ engines spent plenty of time launching off of aircraft carriers, in the TF34 military version of the engine. Just think about what it would be like to put an actual CRJ on the steam catapult...


4) Comac ARJ21

The ARJ21 is part MD-80, part CRJ, and powered by CF34s.


5) Bombardier Challenger 601/604/605

This one isn't too surprising. The Challenger 600 series is essentially a shortened version of the CRJ.


6) Embraer Lineage 1000

If you're looking for a really nice business jet to get you to Aspen for vacation or London for that important business meeting, CF34s can make it happen.


7) Sikorsky S-72

This one looks like something out of Airwolf or Knight Rider. The S-72 was part helicopter, part aircraft, and used two CF34s to reach speeds up to 300 knots.


8) A-10 Warthog

And here's the one that airline pilots love comparing themselves to the most. Yes, RJ pilots have something in common with Warthog pilots. They both fly CF34 engines. Well, almost. The A-10 uses the TF34 version.


Where else can you find CF34s? Tell us in the comments below.

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