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Aviat Husky: The Ultimate Backcountry Airplane

When it comes to backcountry flying, there aren't many airplanes that top the Aviat Husky. Here are 8 reasons why.

1) 200 foot takeoff roll

Runways are optional. What's more backcountry than that?

slowflier's channel

2) 43 MPH power-on stall speed (38 knots)

Once you're off the ground, you can clear terrain with a speed slower than many residential streets.

Nicholas D.

3) 1,500 FPM climb rate

You can get to altitude (and over mountains) quickly. Bonus: more time to roast marshmallows at the camp site!


4) 20,000 foot service ceiling

The Husky can cross any mountain in North America except one - Mt. McKinley (20,237 ft).

Teddy Llovet

5) 7.7 gallon/hour fuel burn

Gas is expensive. The Husky's low fuel burn helps.

Aviat Aircraft

6) 60% span semi-fowler flaps

Sometimes you need to go slow and land in tight spots. These huge flaps help get the job done.

Aviat Aircraft

7) 350 foot landing distance

Useful for places like this.


8) The view

Half the fun is getting there. The other half is this.

Colin Cutler

Colin is a Boldmethod co-founder, pilot and graphic artist. He's been a flight instructor at the University of North Dakota, an airline pilot on the CRJ-200, and has directed development of numerous commercial and military training systems. You can reach him at

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